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Octobr 2 - November 1, 2014


Sherrie Wolf: Musuem
Eric Franklin: Transmit/Absorb/Reflect

First Thursday October 2, 2014
First Thursday Hours, 5-8pm

Please join us for artist talks with Eric Franklin and Sherrie Wolf
Saturday, October 18, 11:00 a.m.

Sherrie Wolf

Sherrie Wolf
Relics #3
2014, oil on linen
40 x 60 inches

In her latest exhibition, Museum – a place where works of art and objects of lasting interest are displayed, Portland based painter Sherrie Wolf continues to experiment with her practice of juxtaposing still life painting with a variety of references from art history. Well known for her exacting realism, Wolf continues in the still life tradition using a diverse array of fruits, flowers, bowls, and vases as anchors for her paintings. The numbers and variety of additional objets d’art in her compositions are increasing, and the range of patterns provided by drapery combine to make paintings that are kaleidoscopic in their visual impact. Art historical references remain, but they are frequently integrated into the image as postcards or book illustrations. The dense layering and juxtaposition of objects and art historical imagery is an illustration of the museum-like collection of source material Wolf has acquired throughout her career. She continues to find fascination in these materials as they interact within and almost overflow from her canvases.

More examples by Sherrie Wolf

Eric Franklin

Eric Franklin
2014, flameworked glass, neon, mercury, acrylic, electronics
24 x 24 x 7 inches

Transmit / Absorb / Reflect, the exhibition title for Eric Franklin’s latest body of work, makes reference to both the process and the subject matter of his new flameworked glass. Built of blown glass rods that have been filled with silver or with neon or argon gas, many of Franklin’s new sculptures are inspired by the shapes of neurons. He explains that “the way glass behaves with light is similar to how a neuron interprets experience. Glass will either transmit, absorb, or reflect light. Neurons, when making a decision will ‘transmit’ information, ‘absorb’ experience into memory, and allow us to ‘reflect' and recall those experiences. The areas of the sculptures that are luminous are transmitting information, the areas that are black are absorbing information, and the areas that are mirrors are reflecting information.” Viewers will be captivated by the elegant beauty of these sculptures, together with the fascinating process of their making and the complex ideas that inform their subject matter..

More examples by Eric Franklin

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