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April 3 - 26, 2014


Mary Josephson: Character
Connie Kiener: The Face of Things: New Ceramics

First Thursday April 3, 2014
First Thursday Hours, 5-8pm

Please join us for artists talks wtih Connie Kiener and Mary Josephson Saturday, April 19 at 11:00 a.m.

Mary Josephson

Mary Josephson
Wild Columbine - 2014
watercolor and embroidery on felt

17 x 14"

Mary Josephson
Portland artist Mary Josephson is known for her expressive imagery of people and animals in the urban and natural world. For this exhibition, Character, she reflects on the moments, large and small, that define human character. Josephson observes, “these paintings reflect moments of vexation, discovery, revelation and wonder about being alive. The figures within my work are caught in fleeting experiences that may be remembered forever, or are just building blocks of character.” Through bold paintings, and a new experimental medium of watercolor on reclaimed printers felt, Josephson delights in a range of people and experience that evoke the rich fabric of human life. The contrasting visual and tactile qualities that emerge from the variety of materials Josephson uses encourage close study and exploration of each piece.

More examples by Mary Josephson

Connie Kiener

Connie Kiener
Dog, 2014
maiolica ceramic
24.25 x 1.752 x 2.5 inches

Connie Kiener
Connie Kiener's latest exhibition, The Face of Things features a selection of sculptures and platters that are both whimsical and mysterious. As her show title indicates, Kiener’s ceramics greet the viewer with myriad ‘faces’ imbedded in images of ‘things,’ ranging from a peach that reads as a curled-up fox, to a human portrait emerging from a floral camouflage. The interplay between humor and mystery will capture viewers’ imaginations. A Portland native, Kiener has gained a national reputation as a ceramist. She paints with great sensitivity and vivid color, bringing narrative and dynamism to the objects she creates.

More examples by Connie Kiener

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